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Some roughly categorised work, though you’ll probably find a bit of performance, music and other in everything! 

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Rose Dagul
Alien Wind
(2015 and ongoing)

An ongoing collaboration with Penny Klein. Our work began as a single improvisation between violin and cello and now spans composition, drawing, performance and video.

2015 - Alien Wind: Echoes
2016 - Alien Wind: Some Will Be Good, Some Will Be Bad
2017 - Residency at The Manorbier Reading Room
2018 - Performance lectures at The Falmouth Illustration Forum and Lighthouse, Brighton
2021 - Awarded the Jerwood 1:1 Fund
2022 - Alien Wind: Worm

Alien Wind: Worm, 2022, hand-knitted jumper

Alien Wind: Echo 3 (excerpt), 2015

Alien Wind: Echo 7 (excerpt), Live at Art Licks, 2015

Alien Wind performance lecture, 2018

Alien Wind: Echo 1, 2015

‘In a mountain region where day in and day out one hears the wind relentlessly play the same invariable theme … [o]ne perhaps does not reflect that there was a time when the wind, which for many years has had its dwelling among these mountains, came as a stranger to this area, plunged wildly, absurdly through the canyons, down into the mountain caves, produced now a shriek almost startling to itself, then a hollow roar from which it it

self fled, then a moan, the source of which it itself did not know, … until, having learned to know its instrument, it worked all of this into the melody it renders unaltered day after day. (Kierkegaard 1843c, p. 155)

Initial Plan (2015)

Echo 1: Violin & Cello improvisation

Echo 2: Linear drawing to map the improvisation

Echo 3: Graphic score interpretation of drawing

Echo 4: Violin & Cello performance of the graphic score

Echo 5: Vocal reenactment of the Violin & Cello performance

Echo 6: Dance interpretation of the Vocal reenactment

to be continued indefinitely…

Alien Wind: Some Will Be Good, Some Will Be Bad, 2016

Alien Wind & Mike Rotch - Ambient DJ Set (Excerpt), 2018