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Rose Dagul
Untitled for cello, mangle, youtube and voice
Score, Recording, Installation, Performance (2017 and ongoing)

Collaboration with Lisa Busby.

Iteration 2: Installation and performance, Gallery 46, Whitechapel, in group show Liminality (Temporal Impressions), 4-30th July 2019

Iteration 1: Recorded realisation broadcast on Radiophrenia, CCA Glasgow, 7 November 2017

This, as yet untitled, work exists as a series of movable parts; material and immaterial elements, not all of which need to surface in any given iteration. These include - scored elements both notated and instructional, performance objects and materials, songs by other artists, youtube videos, conversations between collaborators. Developed from a shared interest in making process activities visible; and intangible connections, hidden layers, and emergent materials of the compositional process.

The first iteration, commissioned by RadioPhrenia presented a series of six semi-improvised studies for cello, amplified mangle, and voice, in linear sequence with processed youtube audio ARCHIVE_ 10 Years Ago Today Britney Shaves Heads And Gets Tattooed! by X17Online Video [For all the latest Celebrity Gossip, Entertainment News and the best Paparazzi Photos and Video]. Pitch material for cello generated by application of various filtering exercises to Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Hallelujah, and Britney Spears Toxic. Objects in performance of mangle include chalk, sugar, USB drives, tampons. Other performance instructions, for both instruments, derived from Fleetway Foldaway Wringer instructions for use. Conversations during the making process reflected on intangible experiences of everyday anxiety, fear and despair, and by contrast the ways we have to represent or articulate them; Britney’s instagram account; ASMR, slime and hydraulic press videos on youtube; does Lisa’s dad have any tools that we can crush things with; Rihanna ’Diamonds’; an interview with Robert Wyatt that Rose heard (Late Junction?); listening to Anne Griffiths Codiaeum Variegatum; recent/various reading on vulnerability, sadness, sickness and hysteria in relation to empowerment and resistance.

For Gallery 46 Iteration 1 was installed as an object and sound installation, and a second iteration was created. The artists utilised the space as an open studio 23-25 July 2019, and built on the original materials to create a set of original songs for live performance on the culminating evening of the residency. Reading during the making process included Sappho, Giacometti, Angela Carter, and Kiš The Encyclopaedia of the Dead; and conversations circled around the shared and the private.

These songs were then recorded in October 2019 collaboration with Sean Woodlock at the Goldsmiths Music Studio - release date forthcoming.