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Some roughly categorised work, though you’ll probably find a bit of performance, music and other in everything! 

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- Untitled for cello, mangle, youtube and voice

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Rose Dagul

Some Solo Performances 

At Practice Solo performance, cello, voice, pedals (August 2023)
Curated by Jude Browning, David Dale Gallery & Studios. Photos by Erik Osberg.

Never Knowingly Understood
Solo performance, cello, voice, mobile phone and loop pedal (2019)

Commissioned by Charlie Godet Thomas. A response to DIM LIT, Assembly Point, Peckham, Thursday 18th April, 2019

Collaging bits of unfinished songs… I haven’t made an album yet. Some sung, some a capella, some recorded. Maybe some cello? What’s the worst that can happen? I’m nervous! I’ve never performed in a gallery before. This must respond to Charlie’s work somehow… would singing the titles be too obvious? I must make something new. I can’t just perform my songs, can I? This isn’t a gig.

Rose Dagul Performing at Assembly Point, London from Charlie Godet Thomas on Vimeo.

Live Improvisations 

Fischinger Would Imagine Far Away Type Things
Solo performance, cello, voice, laptop, midi controller, projection (2015)

Rose Dagul - Fischinger Would Imagine Far Away Type Things, 2015 (excerpt)

An improvised performance using cello, voice and live coding using MaxMSP. 

Solo performance, cello, voice and pedals (2015)

Rose Dagul - Chorus, 2015 (excerpts)