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Peckham Chamber Orchestra

PCO is a small not-for-profit orchestra with a revolving roster of between 25 and 35 players including strings and woodwind who play music from a variety of different classical eras but also new compositions created by members and friends with a more contemporary twist.

The orchestra was founded in 2013 by Hannah Catherine Jones and is now run collectively by members of the orchestra.

The ethos of the orchestra is to be rooted in Peckham and its local community and be inclusive and sociable

A member from the beginning, playing the cello, I began composing for the orchestra in 2014. Here is some of the work we did together.

Link: Peckham Chamber Orchestra website

After Meditation (2016)

I was commissioned by Peckham Chamber Orchestra to compose a piece that would emerge from a performance of Tuning Meditation by Pauline Oliveros. it was premiered at Peckham Chamber Orchestra's concert #10 on 13/12/16, and performed again at Surrounding 8 on 19/12/16.

(NB: The video is from the performance at The Surround, beginning with Oliveros’ Tuning Meditation, turning into my piece at around 11 minutes. Frustratingly it cuts out halfway through, misses a chunk out, then continues in the second video)

I screamed “Girl Power” (2017)

A Spice Girls medley! The arrangement is available on request.

Ode to the Old Kent Hell Raisers (2014)

Ode to the Old Kent Hellraisers (2014)

Part 1: The Surround

Part 2: The All Around

Perhaps you know the legend already or perhaps you don’t. I’m sure a friend can fill you in, but allow me to summarize anyway: One day, in late 2011, a VHS copy of “Hellraiser” appeared atop a bus stop on theOld Kent Road. Despite speculation, its origin remains a mystery. If you were to pass that same bus stop today, you would not only see one, lonely, single VHS, but in fact seven copies of “Hellraiser”, alongside three copies of “Toy Story” and a copy of the Robin William’s classic “Jack”. I must confess that I haven’t been past it in a while though, and considering the recent press this, now famed (google search it), London bus stop has been getting, who knows what you’ll see on top of it today. I love this urban legend. It epitomizes the curiosity and conversation that your own accidental and seemingly insignificant acts can spark in other people.

“Ode to the Old Kent Hellraisers” is in two parts: “The Surround”, a new arrangement of an old song; and its response: “The All Around”. Both were written during the same month, in the same room, in the same house in Rhoscolyn, Anglesey, but 4 years apart. I wrote the Surround when I was 22, amid a typical existential crisis for that age (we’ve all been there) and although this bore no significance at the time, it certainly does now. The All Around, written just a few months ago, is an ode to The Surround in retrospective; just as the second, third, seventh “Hellraiser” tape was an ode to the first. Themes battle it out to bethe most dominant, unison comes and goes, and a narrative is created. It’s life, my friends, and it’s beautiful.