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Some roughly categorised work, though you’ll probably find a bit of performance, music and other in everything! 

- Alien Wind
- Joy Workshops
- Some Solo Performances
- The Surround
- The Tuesday Plays

- Untitled for cello, mangle, youtube and voice

- Peckham Chamber Orchestra Compositions

- Rhosyn

- Rutger Hauser

- A Song for Wimbledon School of Art


- Some writing
- Some knitting

- Some teaching

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Rose Dagul

Rose Dagul performing at The Surround, SET Bermondsey, 2017




Rose Dagul is a musician and artist based in Glasgow. They make pop songs, textiles and improvisations, often collaborating with other artists on generative projects exploring ephemeral and generous ways of working together.

Rose Dagul’s interest lies in making processes visible, including the realms of music-making, pedagogy, experimentation, imperfection, repetition or the unfinished. Rose co-founded the London-based DIY performance and music platform ‘The Surround’ (2015-2021) and, under the moniker Rhosyn (2010-2020), they were a multi-instrumentalist performer/songwriter They were a cellist and composer with the Peckham Chamber Orchestra (2013-present), a collectively run community orchestra of predominantly string and woodwind instruments.

Currently, Rose is a member of the New String Collective, who had their first performance at the Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow, in June 2023. Rose performs and composes with improv bands ‘Rutger Hauser’ and ‘No Worm’, and has an ongoing collaborative practice with the actor and artist Penny Klein, and artist, composer and educator Benji Jeffrey. They are learning to use a Brother KH881 knitting machine and are developing their performance practice to include textile making.