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Some roughly categorised work, though you’ll probably find a bit of performance, music and other in everything! 

- Alien Wind
- Joy Workshops
- Some Solo Performances
- The Surround
- The Tuesday Plays

- Untitled for cello, mangle, youtube and voice

- Peckham Chamber Orchestra Compositions

- Rhosyn

- Rutger Hauser

- A Song for Wimbledon School of Art


- Some writing
- Some knitting

- Some teaching

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Rose Dagul
Songwriting and performing (2009-2020)

Rhosyn was my songwriting persona whilst based in London. 

Rhosyn, with The Florence Lawrence Chorus - Never Again, Live at SET Dalston, 2018

Elbow Of Capture, was my only official release, 4 March 2013. 

Rhosyn - Never Again, 2018. Visuals by Benji Jeffrey

Rhosyn - The All Around, Live at SET Dalston, 2018

Rhosyn - Volcano Live, 2013